Durban climate deal struck after tense all-night session

John Vidal and Fiona Harvey in Durban, Sunday 11 December 2011 08.13 GMT A new global climate deal has been struck after being brought back from the brink of disaster by three powerful women politicians in a 20-minute “huddle to save the planet”. A major crisis had been provoked after 3am on Sunday morning … Continue lendo

Atlas of Pollution

Dmitry Medvedev welcomes US nuclear arms treaty

Russian president says country is ready to ratify the arms reduction pact with the US Tom Parfitt in Moscow, Thursday 23 December 2010 18.53 GMT MPs in Russia could approve a new strategic arms reduction treaty with the US as early as tomorrow after President Dmitry Medvedev welcomed the pact. The country’s overwhelmingly pro-Kremlin … Continue lendo

Serbia drops UN challenge to Kosovo independence

Volte-face comes hours before general assembly due to debate Belgrade’s demand seeking to invalidate Kosovo’s secession Ian Traynor in Brussels, Wednesday 8 September 2010 19.39 BST Serbia bowed to intense European and US pressure today by dropping a challenge to Kosovo’s independence at the United Nations, clearing the way for settlement talks between Belgrade … Continue lendo

G20 summit: Rifts in Toronto as US warns EU of double-dip recession risk

Divisions add to financial market jitters, with David Cameron praised by Canadian counterpart for budget to slash deficit of deep rifts at the G8 and G20 summits in Toronto over how quickly governments should cut deficits added to financial market jitters today, with the Americans warning of the dangers of a double dip recession if … Continue lendo

Iran: Blind man’s bluff

Editorial There is no sign, as yet, that Iran intends industrial production of medium-enriched uranium The draft sanctions resolution on Iran agreed last night by the five permanent members of the UN security council – and that includes its two most important sceptics, Russia and China – can only be read one way: the deal … Continue lendo

Files reveal Britain’s secret biological weapons trials in second world war

Porton Down scientists studied food-and-mouth, typhoid and cholera for disease attacks British scientists experimented with ways of spreading foot-and-mouth disease, and lethal infections such as dysentery, cholera and typhoid in secret biological warfare trials during the second world war. An extensive list of the contagious agents and plagues that could be turned into weapons of … Continue lendo