In praise of the emerging-market regulatory model

Jun 14th 2011, 11:47 by A.M | LONDON THE Brazilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega spoke for many emerging markets in April when he fumed against, “countries responsible for the deepest crisis since the Great Depression…eager to prescribe codes of conduct to the rest of the world”. Mr Mantega might be pleasantly surprised by a Bank … Continue lendo

How Much Is Enough?

IT IS 7am at Kabiyet Dairies in the emerald hills of western Kenya. The dairy is five miles down an almost impassable track, and you would think milk would turn to butter long before it arrives. Yet the place is heaving with farmers waiting for their produce to be tested, carrying it in pails on … Continue lendo

How much is enough?

IN HIS 1981 essay, “Poverty and Famines”, Amartya Sen, an Indian economist, argued that the 1943 Bengal famine, in which 3m people died, was not caused by any exceptional fall in the harvest and pointed out that food was still being exported from the state while millions perished. He concluded that the main reason for … Continue lendo

Emerging-Market Debt

A run for your money Developing countries in Latin America and Asia can borrow for longer Aug 26th 2010 PERU is not an obvious investment darling. For much of its existence, the country has been in a state of default. As recently as 1990 the inflation rate was 7,500%. Yet in the past few years … Continue lendo

The Miracle of the Cerrado

Brazil has revolutionised its own farms. Can it do the same for others? Aug 26th 2010 | CREMAQ, PIAUÍ IN A remote corner of Bahia state, in north-eastern Brazil, a vast new farm is springing out of the dry bush. Thirty years ago eucalyptus and pine were planted in this part of the cerrado (Brazil’s … Continue lendo

Brazil’s Agricultural Miracle

How to feed the world The emerging conventional wisdom about world farming is gloomy. There is an alternative Aug 26th 2010 THE world is planting a vigorous new crop: “agro-pessimism”, or fear that mankind will not be able to feed itself except by wrecking the environment. The current harvest of this variety of whine will … Continue lendo

Centrifugal forces

As Italy prepares to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its unification, its coalition government is fraying at the edges May 13th 2010 | ROME | From The Economist print edition “I AM a Florentine,” declares an acquaintance of your correspondent. “A Tuscan? With difficulty. An Italian? Never!” As Italy approaches the 150th anniversary of its … Continue lendo

Plus ça change – The EU-Latin America summit

But the balance of diplomatic power shifts to Brazil May 13th 2010 | From The Economist print edition AT THE first summit between the European Union and Latin America in 1999, the assembled leaders announced a “strategic partnership” with no fewer than 55 “priorities” from human rights to tourism. Over objections from France, which was … Continue lendo