Protegido: Nuclear-Weapon Proliferation

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Protegido: Nuclear Arms Limitation

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Arms control – Historical Overview

Jozef Goldblat holds university degrees in international relations, law, economics and linguistics. He has been studying the problems of arms control since the late 1950s and has been involved in disarmament negotia­ tions in various capacities, including service for the United Nations The practice of negotiating arms control among sovereign nations in an international forum … Continue lendo

Arms Control – Basic Concepts

Jozef Goldblat Basic Concepts Over the years, proposals have been made in various forums for the universal and complete elimination of armed forces and armaments. However, for several reasons, the idea of total and general disarmament has proved unacceptable to many nations. So far, only arms contra/ measures have been agreed on. Originally, ‘arms control’ … Continue lendo