How much is enough?

IN HIS 1981 essay, “Poverty and Famines”, Amartya Sen, an Indian economist, argued that the 1943 Bengal famine, in which 3m people died, was not caused by any exceptional fall in the harvest and pointed out that food was still being exported from the state while millions perished. He concluded that the main reason for … Continue lendo

Glossário de “Arms Control”

Lindo glossário. Quem usar essas palavras na redação vai ganhar ponto. lagging -> atraso covenant -> pacto / contrato / tratado / aliança truce -> trégua ensue -> acontecer severance -> rompimento accession -> adesão render -> tornar void -> vazio amendment -> emenda convened -> convocada formerly ->: anteriormente / a principio aegis -> … Continue lendo

Teoria das Relações Internacionais (Resumão)

PHILOSOPHICAL TRADITIONS IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Classical Realism Classical realism is a philosophical tradition that sees international politics as a perpetual struggle for power and resources in a world of scarcity. The state or political community, not the individual or economic class, is the primary unit of analysis in classical realism. Classical realists wrote over the … Continue lendo

3. Dutch Invasions & Gold Rush

DUTCH INVASIONS The Dutch invasions in the 17th century were the most important conflicts of the colony times. Sugar business actors sponsored this war, using capital from many countries. The Brazilian people from every capitania also contributed with the payment of special taxes. This war cost Portugal not only men and gold, but also its … Continue lendo

2. Colony

“Padroado” was an arrangement that consisted in the right, by the crown, to collect the “tenth”, settle dioceses and name bishops. In return, the catholic church would be assured as the kingdom’s official religion at the metropolis and its colonies. The way in which state and church relates has changed from state to state. In … Continue lendo

1. Hereditary Capitanias

The economic occupation of American lands was but an episode of European commercial expansion. It was not about people being moved by demographic forces, or by the break of some equilibrium system, it was the need to accumulate precious metals, the mercantilist ultimate goal, that brought the portuguese to the brazilian coast. Here they found … Continue lendo

The Miracle of the Cerrado

Brazil has revolutionised its own farms. Can it do the same for others? Aug 26th 2010 | CREMAQ, PIAUÍ IN A remote corner of Bahia state, in north-eastern Brazil, a vast new farm is springing out of the dry bush. Thirty years ago eucalyptus and pine were planted in this part of the cerrado (Brazil’s … Continue lendo

Brazil’s Agricultural Miracle

How to feed the world The emerging conventional wisdom about world farming is gloomy. There is an alternative Aug 26th 2010 THE world is planting a vigorous new crop: “agro-pessimism”, or fear that mankind will not be able to feed itself except by wrecking the environment. The current harvest of this variety of whine will … Continue lendo

G20 summit: Rifts in Toronto as US warns EU of double-dip recession risk

Divisions add to financial market jitters, with David Cameron praised by Canadian counterpart for budget to slash deficit of deep rifts at the G8 and G20 summits in Toronto over how quickly governments should cut deficits added to financial market jitters today, with the Americans warning of the dangers of a double dip recession if … Continue lendo

Postcard from Tehran

Western journalists don’t get too many opportunities to visit Iran these days. On my recent trip, I found economic discontent, growing political apathy, and plenty of Persian swagger. BY HOOMAN MAJD | MAY 6, 2010 TEHRAN—Memo to Secretary Clinton: Iran is neither a military dictatorship nor or a police state. Yet. There is no visible … Continue lendo